Online Marketing

Online Promotion

A good online marketing strategy integrates at least one Google Adwords campaign, Facebook promotion and email marketing, thus creating a 360degrees digital strategy.. Depending on your industry, we integrate and promote your business on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Youtube, as well as other specific platforms.

Google Adwords campaign

This type of service is addressed to clients who have an active website. By analyzing the business and establishing a series of keywords, we define the strategy of a Google Adwords campaign. The benefits of this type of campaign are both attracting customers through specific keywords, as well as increasing the number of direct visitors to the site, so as to obtain fast results, with a budget constantly monitored.

Facebook Promotion

What makes Facebook a special promotion platform is the ability to distribute advertisements directly to the target audience, depending on the information provided by their activities on social media: age, occupation, interests for certain activities, belonging to some groups, etc.


The newsletter as an online marketing tool is an efficient, fast and low cost way of having a permanent contact with the client. The databases used for client emails can be segmented according to age, occupation, nationality, type of business.

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