Vatra - Web Design & Marketing Online

One of the most popular traditional restaurants in Bucharest, known for its warm and elegant atmosphere, needed a compatible digital look and feel and a digital marketing strategy to reflect its its reputation. See here the #prime Venkon solution.


Hookah Palace - Web Design eCommerce & Online Marketing

Hookah Palace,  online store for hookahs and accessories, needed a more intuitive structured website, both on the front-end, for easy user navigation and the back-end, in order to manage orders and inventory in a simple way.


Google DevFest 2018 - Web Development

In order to be as close as possible to those interested in the Google 2018 event in Bucharest, Devfest needed a website that briefly presented the main conferences, speakers and agenda of the event. All these are highlighted by a simple and modern design with an intuitive interface.


Zarbi - Web Development

For our digital speaking guild colleagues, we created a website focused on conversions, functional, smart, competitive and inspired by the Zarbi core – “from browsing to customers.”


La Nea Mitica - Web Development

A culinary project aimed at balancing the down-town Bucharest take-away market with good quality and fresh ingredients dishes, at affordable prices. LaNeaMitica needed a super-ninja local activation, taking into account the working hours between 11 and 16 and the immediate need to find the right lunch for the office.See here the #prime Venkon solution.


Bubee - Web Design

A refreshing drink geared towards a healthy lifestyle, with natural sweeteners and transparent packaging, Bubee itself is an experience. Our goal was to translate this minimalist but captivating experience into a simple and memorable design.


SportTherapie - Web Design & SEO

With a team of specialists with international training and experience, SportTherapie needed a digital refresh, a repurposing of the content and UX basic aligmement.

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